Course Syllabi (links are to most current versions)

INTS 4648: Theories of Security in World Politics (PhD course)

INTS 4907: International Terrorism (MA/PhD course)

INTS 4626: Advanced Seminar in Civil Resistance (MA/PhD course)

INTS 4702: Major Issues in International Security (MA/PhD course)

GOVT 315: Understanding Civil Wars (undergrad course, Wesleyan University)

GOVT 388: Theory of World Politics (undergrad course, Wesleyan University)

GOVT 155: Introduction to International Politics (undergrad course, Wesleyan University)

  • Syllabus adapted from Steve Rosen & Michael Hiscox’s course “Conflict and Cooperation in the Modern World” at Harvard, for which I was a Teaching Fellow in spring 2007.

GOVT 327: Politics of Terrorism (undergrad course, Wesleyan University)

CHUM 323/GOVT 323: War in the 21st Century (undergrad course, Wesleyan University)

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