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Terrorism, Democracy, and Dissent

  • “On Democracy as a Method of Nonviolence,” in Nils Petter Gleditsch, ed. R J. Rummel: An Assessment of His Many Contributions (Springer, forthcoming).
  • “Instability and Opportunity: The Origins of Terrorism in Weak and Failed States,” in James Forest, ed. The Making of a Terrorist, Vol. 3 (Westport: Praeger, 2005).

Terrorism and Non-State Political Violence

  • The Politics of Terror, co-author with Pauline Moore (book forthcoming with Oxford University Press; expected publication late 2017).

Strategic Nonviolent Resistance, Nonviolent Action, and Mobilization

  • “Response to Fabrice Lehoucq’s ‘Does Nonviolence Work?’ ” Comparative Politics, Vol. 48, No. 4 (July 2016).

State Response to Terrorism and Insurgency

  • “Deterrence or Blowback? The Consequences of Canadian Counterterrorism in Afghanistan,” with Laura Dugan, in Jez Littlewood, Lorne Dawson, and Sara Thompson, eds., Canada Among Nations 2016 (forthcoming 2017).
  • “Government Actions in Terror Environments (GATE): A Methodology that Reveals how Governments Behave toward Terrorists and their Constituencies,” with Laura Dugan, in V.S. Subrahmanian, ed., Handbook of Computational Approaches to Counterterrorism, pp. 467-488 (Springer, 2013).

Researching Terrorism and Political Violence