Erica Chenoweth is Senior Consultant at Denver Global Security Analytics, LLC, where she provides consulting services to a number of clients including:

  • Government agencies,
  • Fortune 500 companies (including defense, security, and energy sectors),
  • Small private corporations,
  • Nonprofit organizations,
  • Media institutions, and
  • Academic institutions.

Subjects of expertise include:

  • Statistical analysis of political violence,
  • Statistical analysis of nonviolent uprisings,
  • Forecasting and risk analysis in post-conflict settings,
  • Reviews of the current literature on terrorism, counterterrorism, protest and mobilization, and democracy-building,
  • Event data collection and analysis,
  • Pedagogical strategies and curricular development for courses on terrorism, counterterrorism, protest and mobilization, and democracy-building.

Services provided include:

  • Data analysis,
  • Written reports,
  • Reviews,
  • Public lectures and presentations.

Please email for availability, work samples, and fee schedule.